Pamela Minton

About Pamela Minton

Pamela Minton has been a creative force in various fashion and art venues for 25 years. She studied fine art and metal work at Ohio University, attended The Aegina Art Center in Greece, owned a textile factory and clothing design business for over a decade in Puerto Vallarta, and studied alternative healing and metaphysics internationally - all of which she applies currently in her artfully and emotionally expressed, high-end jewelry designs.

Upon returning to the United States and settling in northern California her art forms were transformed from one-dimensional to three through her attraction to the mineral kingdom. The mineral kingdom is a basic group of natural objects that include inorganic objects that are created by crystallized light and have energy and frequency. Included in the mineral kingdom are the pieces Pamela uses in her jewelry such as gems and antique findings.

"I have studied the metaphysical properties of precious and semi precious stones. All gems give off frequencies and light, which in turn resonate healing qualities both of the physical body and the emotional. Mind, body, and spirit cannot be separated as we are holographic. Quantum physics has taught us that. The mineral kingdom has been used for eons of time for healing both body and soul. My motivation is to put a positive and healing intention in all I create."

A percentage of Pamela's profits will go to abused women support groups. She participates in organizations involved with bringing woman's rights to a place of balance in this world.